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Electric Vehicles make environmental and financial sense

Guides to help you make the right business choice

Business guides to electric vehicles

Helping you select the best Electric Car, Electric Van or Electric Lorry for your fleet

We provide guides to help business and fleet managers understand the practical, financial and process options when looking to move to electric vehicles.

Read our expert guides to electric and hybrid vehicles, including cars, vans and lorries. And to help you manage more than one EV, our guide to fleet tracking and accessories will help you find the best deal for your requirements.

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Are electric vehicles reliable enough for business use?

You need your vehicles to help you carry out your business – in short, to be productive, reliable and ultimately to help you drive your business. Being able to serve a keen early-adopter consumer market with income to spare is not the same as being a reliable business asset that will help you deliver what your organisation needs together with a great customer experience.

The good news is that, thanks to this wave of interest and investment, electric vehicle technology has come a long way since even half a decade ago. Gone are the days of poor ranges and limited opportunities for charging – today’s electric vehicles are served by a growing nationwide network of chargers and ranges of upwards of 400 miles.

Obviously, no-one knows what you need from your business vehicle better than you do. What one business user would consider more than reliable enough to work with another would struggle to accommodate, so we have put together a set of guides to help you find the best range of electric vehicles for your business needs.

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Business Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Right now, electric vehicles have a lot going for them. Major plus points include:

  • Low fuel and maintenance costs for major business savings
  • A generally high degree of reliability
  • Tax efficient
  • Helping businesses contribute positively to reduce their ESG and environmental impact

At the moment, electric vehicles are reliable all-rounders for short to medium-distance journeys. The right model will go beyond that to around 300+miles – that’s Leeds to Cornwall in a single charge!

The electric van market is newer than the electric car market. Ranges are typically within the 90-120 mile range, making them ideal for use by:

  • Local delivery depots
  • Tradespeople operating within a particular area
  • Shops or dining establishments offering local delivery

There’s a lot of development going on to provide technology to deliver long-haul journeys for vans and lorries. Assuming your van is compatible with high-voltage chargers and takes 20 minutes to charge, you’re looking at roughly an extra 40 minutes of travel time every 200 miles.

The range an EV van can cope with is improving all the time.

Thanks to government incentives, increased demand and the appeal eco-friendly businesses hold to consumers, business-oriented electric vehicles will only get more efficient as time goes on…and depending on your needs, this could be the time to start planning an investment in a business change to electric vehicles.

Read our guide to the first steps in choosing the right EV or hybrid for your business.

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