Electric Charging Plug Standards

Rather like mobile phone technology, there are different types of charging plugs for different Electric Vehicles in the UK.  The landscape is constantly changing as this is an emerging technology so motorists have to contend with a spectrum of choice which can depend...

5 Tips for Green Fleet Management

Whether you are already investing in Electric Vehicles for your fleet or just want to manage your current company vehicles better and in a more environmentally friendly way, green fleet management techniques will offer a benefit to the planet as well as your company’s...

What is COP26 ?

COP26 is the name of the United Nations Climate Change Conference for 2021.  COP stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’ and these global summits which aim to tackle the issue of climate change involve almost every country on the planet.  They have been...

Selecting an Electric Lorry or Hybrid Lorry

Because electric lorry technology is so new at the moment, we’ll share a bit more about where the market’s at below, before discussing what you need to know when selecting ultra-low emission lorries for your fleet. Ultra-Low Emission Lorries – There’s no argument that in the very near future, HGVs are going to need to emit drastically less CO2.

Selecting a Business Electric or Hybrid Car

Your business guide to choosing the right electric vehicle or hybrid car for your fleet. There is a growing selection of completely electric vans that business users can choose from. Increasingly, manufacturers are making electric versions of their flagship van models, for example the Renault Kangoo ZE or Ford E-Transit (scheduled to launch in summer 2022).

Which Type of Electric Vehicle Is Best For My Business?

Choosing the right type of electric vehicle for your business – from one or two cars to a fleet of new electric vans. Business and fleet buyers are often new to electric and hybrid vehicles, which adds another level of complexity to finding the right option for you. How do you know what will suit you best if you’re not completely sure of what the market offers?

Electric Vehicle vs Hybrid for Business Users

Our guide to help business buyers choose between electric and hybrid vehicles for their company. One of the biggest questions businesses ask when considering switching to greener transport is whether to use fully electric or hybrid vehicles.

Public EV Charging Points

Business users’ guide to public electric vehicle charging points. When finding electric vehicles for your business, you should also consider which type of charger they are compatible with. There are currently more charging points than petrol stations in the UK, but your vehicle might not be able to charge at all of them. And, in addition to compatibility concerns, you may also need a subscription or membership to use some networks.